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All items including jewellery and object d'art need to be polished when all other processes of manufacture have been completed, as  precious metals do not shine naturally.
Silver polishing is a very highly skilled craft which can be done by lathe or hand, using polishing brushes charged with emery composition or leather or felt bobs used with an abrasive pumice powder with vegetable oil.
After this process Calico mops are used with a composition such as Tripoli.
The finishing process uses a much softer mop using rouge after which each piece is cleaned, using a Ultrasonic cleaner or with a Caustic Cleaner.
The Silver Polisher works very closely with the Silversmith, as preparation is a very important part of the process, there would certainly be no point in assembling all the different components to discover it is not practical to polish.
Jewellery is a little different and needs preparation before the Setter sets the stones in the mounts, this is done by a process we call Threading which is wax cotton threaded into each hole and polished by hand until each hole shines. This process helps give light to the stone once set. Once the stones are set, it is then polished once more to loupe standard.
An additional function of the skilled polisher is electroplating and gilding